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Land Ports Authority Of India (LPAI) Internship Scheme

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The Land Ports Authority of India (LPAI) is pleased to announce its annual internship program for the academic year 2024-25. This program provides a unique opportunity for students and research scholars from BBIN countries (Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh) to gain practical experience in land port development, cross-border trade, passenger movement, and border issues.

Enhanced Collaboration: For the first time, the LPAI internship program extends invitations to talented students across the BBIN region, including India. This expansion promotes regional collaboration and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and perspectives on land port development within South Asia.
Program Highlights:
• Open to Students from BBIN Countries: The program welcomes qualified students from India and other BBIN countries, fostering a diverse and enriching learning environment.
• Focus on Northeast India: We encourage applications from students interested in addressing land port development's unique challenges and opportunities in India's Northeast states.
• Diverse Research Methods: Interns can engage in various research methods, including policy-oriented research, social impact assessments, and economic impact assessments. Past intern reports serve as valuable resources for future exploration.
• Competitive Stipend: Selected interns will receive a monthly stipend of Rs 15,000.
• Program Duration: The internship program lasts two months, with a possible extension of up to three months, subject to approval.

Objective and Purpose
a) The Land Ports Authority of India (LPAI), a statutory body under the Department of Border Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, was established by the Land Ports Authority of India Act 2010, effective March 1, 2012. Empowered by Section 11 of the Act, LPAI is tasked with developing, sanitizing, and managing facilities for cross-border passengers and goods at designated points along India's international borders. The Authority focuses on deploying systems that address security imperatives at the Land Ports while facilitating cross-border trade.
b) Acknowledging the growing interest and potential contributions from academic institutions and young scholars, the LPAI has expanded its Internship Program to include BBIN (Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal) countries. This expansion aims to foster regional collaboration and knowledge exchange by providing opportunities for talented individuals from BBIN nations to participate in LPAI projects.
c) LPAI engages with young scholars from India and neighboring BBIN countries through this extended internship program. This initiative is a two-way street, facilitating the exchange of diverse perspectives, fresh ideas, and research support from a broader regional context. It offers an avenue for young scholars to contribute to projects of national and regional significance, thereby enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation among BBIN nations while providing insights into governmental operations and projects of national importance.
  1. The minimum duration of the internship shall be eight weeks, extendable up to three months, subject to the Authority's requirements and the Intern's availability.
  2. Extensions beyond three months will only be permitted in exceptional cases upon the recommendation of the relevant Authority and prior approval from the Secretary, LPAI
  1. Interns will be assigned to the LPAI research team and/or the respective head of the relevant Division within the Authority.
  2. The internship does not constitute employment or guarantee future employment with the Authority
Submission of Paper
a) The supervisor will create work plans and schedules that interns must consistently follow.
b) After their internship, interns must submit a report/paper detailing their internship activities to the Research team. The Secretary/Director (Operations) at Headquarters will endorse this document to confirm successful internship completion.
Code of Conduct
The Intern appointed by the Authority must adhere to the Code of Conduct of LPAI, encompassing the following guidelines:
a) Upon joining, submit the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form to maintain the utmost secrecy, confidentiality, and privacy.
b) Interns are required to bring their laptops/tablets for work.
c) Adherence to the general rules and regulations applicable to Authority employees.
d) Compliance with the Authority's confidentiality protocol, refraining from disclosing confidential information about the Authority, its work, and its policies to any individual or organization.
e) Presentation of their work to academic bodies, seminars, and conferences with prior permission from the Authority while ensuring the confidentiality of Authority information.
f) Clearly stating in any papers or documents written/published that the views expressed are personal and do not represent or reflect the views of the Authority.
g) Adherence to advice provided by the Authority regarding interactions with third parties.
h) Generally, interns may not interact with or represent the Authority to third parties unless specifically authorised based on their roles and responsibilities.
i) Interns are prohibited from interacting with or representing the Authority in the media (print and electronic).
j) Maintaining professional conduct in interactions with the Authority and the public.
a) The Authority may discontinue the intern's engagement if it deems the intern's services are no longer required.
b) The Authority reserves the right to terminate the intern's services at any time and without providing reasons, with immediate effect.
c) If an intern chooses to end their engagement with the Authority, they should give a two-week prior notice. However, in some instances, particularly for interns intending to stay for more than two months, the Authority may specify a notice period of up to one month. The supervisor may occasionally waive the notice period depending on the intern's role.
d) Upon termination, the intern must return any documents, equipment, or assets provided by the Authority during their tenure, including any badges or ID cards issued to the intern.
e) If the Authority discovers that a terminated individual is still acting as if the Authority employs them, appropriate legal action may be taken against them.

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