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The “Vaishvik Bharatiya Vaigyanik (VAIBHAV) Fellowship” is a new programme which is implemented by the Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. This programme envisages collaboration between scientists of the Indian Diaspora with Indian Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs), Universities and/or Public Funded Scientific Institutions. The VAIBHAV Fellow would identify an Indian Institution for collaboration and may spend up to two months in a year for a maximum of 3 years.
Research areas under which applications may be submitted:
Proposals are sought in select identified verticals and horizontals of VAIBHAV (as mentioned in
the preamble):
  1. Quantum Technologies: Quantum Communication; Quantum Computing; Quantum Sensing and Metrology; Quantum Materials and Devices
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Foundation of AI/ML; AI/ML and Signals; AI for Social Good; AI and Robotics
  3. Computational Sciences: High-Performance Computing Architectures; Computational Atmospheric Sciences; Cyber-Physical Systems
  4. Data Sciences: Data Science Project Management; Data Science Infrastructure, Deployment and Hosting; Data Privacy and Security; Data Science Education; Data Science Applications
  5. Photonics: Photonic Devices; Optical Imaging and Bio-photonics; Photonic Materials and Sources; Nano-photonics; Integrated Photonics and Communication
  6. Energy: Future Electricity Systems; Sustainable Mobility Technologies; Advanced Fossil Technologies; Sustainable Future Fuels
  7. Electronics and Semiconductor Technologies: Semiconductor Materials and Process Technologies; Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology; Electronic Circuits and System Design
  8. Communication Technologies: Cellular Evolution 5G and Beyond (THz Comm); Communication Technologies for IoT/CPS; High-Speed Optical Communication – backbone networks; Cognitive Technologies for Futuristic Communication
  9. Aerospace Technologies: Aerospace Systems and Design; Propulsion Technologies; Flight Structure and Integrity; Modeling and Simulations; Unmanned Aerial Systems and Countermeasures
  10. Materials and Processing Technologies: Structural Materials; Materials Recycling & Purification; Advanced & Functional Materials; Catalytic Materials & Processes; Computational Materials Science
  11. Earth Sciences: Atmospheric Science; Polar Science; Ocean Science/Technology; Geo Science/Technology
  12. Environmental Sciences: Air Quality Management; Water Quality Management; Soil and Waste Management; Carbon Sequestration and Biodiversity Conservation; Climate Change
  13. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Smart Manufacturing, IoT, Digital Manufacturing; Additive Manufacturing; Precision/Micro-nano Manufacturing/Surface Engineering; Industrial Machines, Robotics/Automation; Speciality Products Manufacturing
  14. Health, Medical Sciences and Biomedical Devices: Advanced Technologies in Health Care; Precision Health; Holistic Health; Remote and Rural Health - Reaching the Unreached
  15. Pharmaceuticals and Bio-Technology: Biotherapeutics and Biosimilars; Industrial Biotechnology; Infectious Diseases/ Disease biology; Drug Discovery, Repurposing and Drug delivery
  16. Agricultural Sciences: Precision Agriculture; Sustainable and Climate Smart Agriculture; Food Safety and Nutritional Security; Climate Resilient Livestock, Veterinary Therapeutics and Zoonoses control, Nanotechnology in sustainable agriculture and metabolic biology, Modern Fisheries and Aquaculture and seed production, Genome editing, Robotics, farm automation, Digital Agriculture
  17. Social Sciences for SDGs: Behavioral Community Approaches & its impact on Societal Development; Societal aspect of Technology Development with cause; Socio-Economic aspect of Development
  18. Management: Fostering academic collaborations; Mechanisms to increase R&D outputs from Indian institutions; Business innovation; Entrepreneurship for growth; Management of New-Age (Knowledge) Organizations; Making India R&D center of the world / Making India Center of Practice-Oriented Management Knowledge
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