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Some of the key features of the Krishi Mahotsav Yojana Gujarat are:
  1. Soil Health Card: The government provides soil health cards to farmers to help them understand the nutrient status of their soil and take appropriate measures to improve soil fertility.
  2. Subsidized Inputs: The government provides subsidies on various agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides to encourage farmers to use quality inputs and increase their crop yields.
  3. Training and Extension Services: The government provides training and extension services to farmers to help them adopt modern and scientific farming practices and improve their productivity.
  4. Agricultural Infrastructure Development: The government invests in the development of agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation facilities, rural roads, and markets to improve farmers' access to inputs and markets.
  5. Crop Insurance: The government provides crop insurance to farmers to protect them from crop losses due to natural calamities, pests, and diseases.
  6. Financial Assistance: The government provides financial assistance to farmers for the purchase of farm machinery and equipment, as well as for the development of farm infrastructure.
  7. The Krishi Mahotsav Yojana Gujarat is implemented through various activities and programs such as farmer meetings, soil testing, crop demonstrations, and training programs. The government also encourages farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices such as organic farming and use of renewable energy sources.
  8. The Krishi Mahotsav Yojana Gujarat has played a significant role in transforming the agricultural landscape of the state and has improved the livelihoods of farmers by increasing their crop yields and incomes.
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