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The “Coconut Palm Insurance Scheme (CPIS)” is being implemented by the Coconut Development Board, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India with the objective of insuring coconut palms against natural calamities, climatic risks, pests, diseases and other perils. Under this scheme, all healthy nut bearing coconut palms in the age group from 4 years to 60 years in a contiguous area (Mono/mixed) can be insured against natural perils leading to death/loss of palm/becoming unproductive. The scheme is being implemented in all coconut growing States through Agriculture Insurance Company and implementing State Governments.
  • Assist coconut growers in insuring coconut palms, against natural and other perils.
  • Provide timely relief to farmers, who suffer income loss due to sudden death of palms.
  • Minimize risk and encourage replanting and rejuvenation to make coconut farming remunerative.
The CPIS will be applicable to all healthy nuts bearing coconut palms; grown as mono or intercropped; on bunds farms or homestead and to all varieties of coconut, including Tall, Dwarf and Hybrids. Since, Dwarf and Hybrids begin to yield fruit from 4th year of planting, this variety of coconut palms in age range of 4-60 year will be covered under the scheme, but Tall variety coconut palms will be eligible for coverage for age range of 7-60 year. Unhealthy and senile palms will be excluded from coverage.
Risks covered: The scheme covers following perils leading to death/loss of palm or palm becoming un-productive:
  • Storm, hailstorm, cyclone typhoon, tornado, heavy rains.
  • Flood and inundation.
  • Pest and diseases of widespread nature causing, irreparable damages to palm.
  • Accidental fire, including forest fire and bush fire, lightening.
  • Earthquake, landslide and tsunami
  • Severe drought and consequential total loss
No claims shall be payable under the scheme, if palm is lost due to operation of peril insured is within ‘Franchise’ clause. Insurer will not be liable for any payment, under this policy, for any expenses incurred by insure in connection with or in respect of loss other than on account of perils insured. The insurance does not cover following events, in so far as they are applicable, keeping in view scope of insurance cover:
  • Loss by Theft, War, Invasion, Civil war. Rebellion, Revolution, Insurrection, Mutiny, Lock out, Malicious Damage, Conspiracy, Military/Usurped power, Civil commotion, Confiscation, Requisition/destruction/damage by order of any Government de-jure/de-facto/by any public /municipal/local authority including damage due to power transmission.
  • Nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination.
  • Impact damage due to aircraft or other falling objects
  • Wilful negligence of insured and any one acting on his behalf.
  • Damage caused by human, bird or any animal action.
  • Improper maintenance of palms.
  • Palm becoming unhealthy & senile.
  • Natural morality of the palm, up-rooting of palm traceable to chiselling of roots.
States & Areas Covered:
  • This insurance scheme will be implemented in the selected districts of all the States/UTs, growing coconut palms.
  • All bearing and healthy palms will be insured, in a contiguous area, by farmer/grower and every effort will be made by CDB, to get all bearing and healthy palms insured, in cluster villages of district(s).
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