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AICTE has decided to establish IDEA (Idea Development, Evaluation & Application) Lab in AICTE approved institutions, encouraging students for application of science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) fundamentals towards enhanced hands-on experience, learning by doing and even product visualization. As a common facility embedded in the institution, the IDEA Lab will make engineering graduates more imaginative and creative, besides getting basic training in the 21st century skills like- critical thinking, problem solving, design thinking, collaboration, communication, lifelong learning etc. IDEA Lab can facilitate the students and faculty to “engage, explore, experience, express and excel” as desired by the Hon'ble Prime Minister in the wake of release of National Educational Policy 2020,
  • The purpose of IDEA Lab is to provide all facilities under one roof, for conversion of an idea into a prototype. With these facilities in the campus, more students and faculty will be encouraged to take up creative work and in the process, get training on creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration etc. which conventional labs are not able to.
  • The focus will be on training students so that they become imaginative and creative and stay so at the workplaces they join. The whole idea is to transform engineering education with such a Lab in all colleges and for this they must proactively expose all students to the IDEA Lab, organize training sessions for interested students as well as support projects and by providing online learning materials.
  • As the IDEA Lab is going to be a long-term intervention aiming to transform education imparted in the institution, the proposal must spell out a clear vision for the Lab, plan of implementation, mobilization of resources, strength and enthusiasm of faculty, utilization and expansion of facilities, etc.
  • The alignment of activities with larger national goals/ missions/ initiatives or industrial requirements or serving disadvantaged sections of society etc. and commitment of resources for the same, will impart an edge for any proposal.
  • Shortlisted proposals will be subjected to scrutiny by a panel of experts before sanctioning of the project by AICTE.
The college/ educational campus/ university and industry are expected to participate financially, to match the contribution sought from AICTE or even exceed it, in establishing the IDEA Lab which ideally requires:
  • An area of 5000 sq. ft.
  • Should ideally remain open 24x7.
  • To be equipped with facilities, tools and consumables to support translation of an idea to prototype development or develop solution of a problem.
  • To hold workshops/ trainings, ideation sessions, boot-camps, competitions etc. and participate in similar activities organized by other IDEA Labs/ organizers and also in national/ international events so as to ensure that IDEA Lab is used productively and also extensively.
  • To maintain the IDEA Lab, keep it well-furnished, take care of security, provide a safe working environment and stock adequate supplies of consumables.
  • To provide necessary staff and all support facilities and amenities required to operate and maintain the Lab.
  • To follow the guidelines issued by AICTE in the matter of IDEA Lab and other Government of India rules besides following the enunciated Code of Conduct (as in Annexures) in letter and spirit.

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