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Agricultural machines take an important role to increase productivity with timely and precise fieldwork. To promote the usage of farm mechanization and increase the ratio of farm power to cultivable unit area up to 2.5 kW/ha, the scheme will be implemented in all the Indian states
The SMAM scheme has both centrally sponsored and central sector scheme components. In the centrally sponsored scheme components, the Government of India funds 60% of the cost and the states’ share is 40% in all states except north-eastern and Himalayan states where the ratio is 90:10 wherein GOI funds 90%. In UTs, the central share is 100%.

Mission Strategy
To achieve the above objectives, the Mission will adopt the following strategies:
  1. Conduct performance testing for various farm machineries and equipment at the four Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institutes (FMTTIs), designated State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) and ICAR institutions.
  2. Promote farm mechanization among stakeholders by way of on-field and off-field training and demonstrations.
  3. Provide financial assistance to farmers for procurement of farm machinery and implements.
  4. Establish custom hiring centres of the location and crop-specific farm machinery and implements.
  5. Provide financial assistance to small and marginal farmers for hiring machinery and implements in low-mechanized regions.

Mission Components
  1. Promotion and Strengthening of Agricultural Mechanization through Training, Testing and Demonstration.
  2. Demonstration, Training and Distribution of Post-Harvest Technology and Management (PHTM).
  3. Financial Assistance for Procurement of Agriculture Machinery and Equipment.
  4. Establish Farm Machinery Banks for Custom Hiring.
  5. Establish Hi-Tech, High Productive Equipment Hub for Custom Hiring.
  6. Promotion of Farm Mechanization in Selected Villages.
  7. Financial Assistance for Promotion of Mechanized Operations/hectare Carried out Through Custom Hiring Centres.
  8. Promotion of Farm Machinery and Equipment in the North-Eastern Region.
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