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The scheme “Scheme for Interest Subvention to Nano Household Enterprises” has been introduced to promote the Nano and household enterprises in the state. The scheme intends to provide financial assistance in the form of interest subvention to Nano and household enterprises on a reimbursement basis for the term loan availed by the unit. The units engaged in manufacturing, services as well and job work can apply under the scheme.
  1. To generate employment opportunities in households through new self-employment projects (Nano/Household units)
  2. To aggregate household/Nano units 85 increase the extent of potential employment.
  3. To provide continuous and sustainable employment and increase the wage earning capacity of unorganized /household/units.
  4. To address specific issues not covered under similar schemes of the Government of India/Government of Kerala.
  5. The new scheme for providing financial assistance to Nano and household units is to support units with a capital investment of ₹10 Lakhs or less for manufacturing units engaged in job work and units engaged in service sector activities having any type of value addition in physical form by using machinery or equipment. The assistance is by way of interest subvention on the term loan availed for a period of three years on a reimbursement basis.
  6. The assistance is provided for the first three years after the units are set up. In the first year assistance is given without considering prompt repayment. During the 2nd and 3rd year interest subvention is accorded if the loan is not classified by the bank as NPA. Thus it is a big relief in the early stages of business.
  7. The unit will be monitored for financial health and symptoms of sickness can be found out well on time.
  8. The units engaged in job work were hitherto not eligible for any sort of financial assistance other than under PMEGP.
Indicative List of Service Activities: The list which is given below is indicative; not exhaustive. Similar activities in the service sector having any type of value addition which is recommended by the District Level Committee will be also eligible.
  1. Processing, Preserving & packaging of Meat & Fish.
  2. Processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Embroidery work and other ornamental trimmings.
  4. Metal-working service activities & repair of fabricated metal products.
  5. Repair & Services of Computers & peripheral equipment, projectors, Mobile phones, TVs, A/C, Video Cameras, Watches. Clocks, other electronic equipment & other household equipment.
  6. Electrical Welding & Soldering
  7. Laundry Services / Dry cleaning.
  8. Photo copying
  9. Repair and servicing and alteration of Motor Vehicles and related parts and accessories.
  10. Tyre re-treading
  11. Upholstery work
  12. Repair & maintenance of boats, fishing boats, vessels and other floating structures.
  13. Repair & maintenance of structural products
  14. Repair & maintenance of pipes & pipelines
  15. Repair & maintenance of metal tanks, reservoirs etc.
  16. Repair of machinery engines, pumps and related equipment.
  17. Treatment & disposal of waste of all kinds.
  18. Other information service activities
  19. Recycling
  20. Workshop
Negative List:
Photo Studios and Colour Processing Centres, Breweries and Distilleries of all types, Sawmills, Soap Grade Sodium Silicate, Asbestos processing except units in which the quantum of asbestos used in the production process is less than 25% and environmental and occupational health hazards have been taken care of the satisfaction of authorities concerned, Metal Crushers including Granite Manufacturing units, All types of Steel Re-rolling Mills, Units manufacturing iron ingots, Calcium Carbide, Cement manufacturing except units manufacturing cement from fly ash, Potassium Chlorate, Cashew industrial units, Power intensive units based on electro-thermal/electrochemical processor units where total power requirement exceeds 5000 KVA of contract load or where the cost of power is more than 33% of cost of production of the items manufacture except where the units generate their power requirement in excess of 5000 KVA of contract load by own captive power.
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