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The National Centre for Communications Security (NCCS) Internship Scheme allows young talent to be associated with the NCCS work for mutual benefit. It will enable NCCS to interact with young scholars and to get fresh ideas and study/ research support from the field of academics. At the same time, it will provide an opportunity for young scholars to contribute to the NCCS work and have an insight into the related technical work. The opportunity enables the young population to acquire knowledge in the areas like Hardware level Security, Source Code analysis (Static and dynamic analysis at HLL, Binary Code Analysis) Crypto algorithm implementation validation and Crypto Module validation, Supply chain vulnerabilities, Run time vulnerabilities in a live network (Advanced Persistent Threats), Back door entry vulnerabilities, Identification of Intentional/ Hidden Malware in Software/ Firmware of equipment.

  1. NCCS will assess the requirement of the interns periodically.
  2. The total number of interns engaged shall not exceed 20 (inclusive of Category 1 & 2), at any point in time.

For Category 1: The minimum duration of the internship shall be of sixty days.
For Category 2: The minimum duration of the internship shall be of six months, extendable up to a maximum of twelve months.
NOTE: Extension beyond six months shall be permitted, on the application of an intern duly recommended by the concerned Head of Division and with the approval of the Head of NCCS.

  1. The interns would be attached to one of the officers in the Divisions of the NCCS.
  2. An orientation workshop will be held for interns at the beginning of the internship. The work of interns will be monitored through periodic interaction with the interns.
  3. The attendance record and the details of work supervision shall be maintained by the Divisions/Units in NCCS.

Submission of Paper
The interns will be required to submit a Report/Paper on the work undertaken at the end of the internship to the respective Division. The Report shall be signed by the concerned Officer with whom the intern is attached, as an acceptance of the successful completion of the Internship.
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