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Agriculture And Processed Foods Export Promotion Scheme Of APEDA For The 15th Finance Commission Cycle (2021-22 To 2025-26)

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The Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) is an export promotion scheme run by APEDA. APEDA is an export promotion body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the promotion of Agricultural and Processed Food Products. The scheme has been open and implemented for the period of 2021-22 to 2025-26. The scheme aims to facilitate the export of agri-products by providing assistance to exporters. It achieves its objective through the following:
  • Understanding the several challenges faced by agri-exporters.
  • Acknowledging the need for assistance to successfully navigate through these challenges and achieve the objectives of APEDA.
Financial assistance is provided in three broad areas, namely:
  • Development of Export Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure, Quality Development and
  • Market Development.
The details of each scheme such as scheme name, launch date, ministry/dept. name, scope, objectives, salient features, target beneficiary, benefits, etc. are as follows:
Development of Export Infrastructure:
APEDA recognizes the importance of infrastructure for the growth of agro-industries and the export of agricultural products in the value chain. The scheme component covers both fresh produce and processed food products. The objective of the scheme is to reduce losses caused due to spoilage and to ensure quality production of agro products. To achieve this, it seeks to set up post-harvest handling facilities. Under this component, assistance is provided for the following:
  • Infrastructure such as packhouse facilities with packing/grading lines
  • Pre-cooling units with cold storage and refrigerated transportation etc.
  • Cable system for handling crops like banana
  • Common infrastructure facilities
  • Pre-shipment treatment facilities such as irradiation, Vapour Heat Treatment (VHT), and Hot Water Dip Treatment (HWDT) for compliance with Phyto-Sanitary requirements of importing countries
  • Infrastructure for processing facilities (process food sector) for addressing missing gaps which may include equipment like X-ray, Screening, Sortex, filth/metal detector, sensors, vibrators, or any new equipment or technology for food safety and quality requirements.
Quality Development:
To participate/engage in international trade, it is necessary to comply with the Food Safety requirements of different countries. Several importing countries demand adherence to stringent Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs). Some of the developed importing countries have set up MRLs at a very low level. For this, high to a ceiling of Rs. 600 lakhs. The funds shall be released against the bank guarantee.
Quality Development Scheme: Implementation and certification of quality and food safety management systems, standardization, harmonization with international standards for adoption of global standards, and handheld devices for capturing farm-level peripheral coordinates for traceability systems.
Beneficiaries: APEDA registered exporters are eligible to apply for assistance, Certification Bodies accredited under the National Program for Organic Production (NPOP), State Agencies, trade bodies, Chambers of Commerce, Government agencies, FPO, SHG, FPC, Cooperatives, and individual farmers and listed laboratories are eligible for assistance.
Benefits: The assistance will be upto50% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs. 5 lakh and 20 lakh per certification. The assistance will also be applicable for the renewal of certifications. The 20 lakh are applicable as in the case of Procuring hand-held devices including the cost of software for capturing farm-level peripheral coordinates for traceability systems. This will include any electronic management system, software, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), or any other high-precision technology.
Market Development:
Beneficiaries: It includes APEDA registered exporters, trade delegations, promoters of GI products, Central/State Govt. agencies, Trade chambers, Indian missions abroad, etc.
Benefits: The benefits and their components would be decided and implemented by APEDA.
As in the case of New Market / Product development through conducting feasibility studies. There are two criteria
  1. Assistance will be up to 50% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs. 10 lakhs per study per beneficiary.
  2. Assistance will be up to 75% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs. 10 lakhs per study per beneficiary if conducted by Trade Associations/Indian missions abroad/Central/State Govt. agencies/ exporters belonging to North - Eastern States, difficult areas namely Himalayan and landlocked states, Island Union Territories, SC/ST, and women beneficiaries.
  3. For activities initiated by APEDA, the funding shall be 100%
As in the case of Assistance for trial shipment covering multimodal transport. Assistance will be up to 50% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs. 10 lakhs as in the case of Registration of Brand / IPR outside India.
  1. Assistance will be upto50% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs. 20 lakhs per beneficiary
  2. 100% in the case of APEDA.
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