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Financial Assistance to Revive, Preserve and Protect Goan Maand Culture

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The scheme “Financial Assistance to Revive, Preserve and Protect Goan Maand Culture” by the Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa has been designed with the objective of encouraging Goan Folk artists to revive, preserve and protect the Goan Maand culture consisting of folk forms viz. Zagor, Ranmalle, Kallo, Perni Zagor, Talgadi, Tonyamell, Shigmo, Challe, Naman, Jatigayan, Goff, Dhallo-Fugadi and folklore and folk music viz. Suvarivadan, Ghumatvadan, Shamelvadan, Dholvadan and any other folk forms, folklore and folk music as selected by the committee of experts which basically originated from Goan Maand.

  1. To revive, preserve and protect the Goan Maand culture that has produced various folk art forms and folk music and folklores in the State of Goa.
  2. To maintain bonding of unity integrity and brotherhood amongst the villagers to uplift the cultural bondage and carry the tradition for future generations.
  3. To provide necessary infrastructure and financial support for the purpose.
  4. To preserve and protect the old age traditions of Maand culture to its unique original form, keeping the Maand culture authentic, and intact by providing all kinds of infrastructure to the Maand group within the ambit of cultural structure.
  5. To support existing Maand groups that are on the verge of extinction.
  6. To create cultural interaction between village to village in the form of a village exchange programme.
  7. To create a legacy of Maand artists through folk programmes at State, National and International levels.
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