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Agricultural Skill Development Training Programme For Women Farmers And Farmers

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The scheme “Agricultural Skill Development Training Programme for Women Farmers and Farmers” was started by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare & Co-operation, Government of Gujarat. This Scheme is sanctioned under a gender audit programme for more productive varieties and a training-n-education programme for farmers.
Nowadays, women have become very sensitive in all developing fields. Moreover, there is a significant role of women farmers in agricultural activities. So, the Government of Gujarat sanctioned a programme of "Agricultural Skill Development Training Programme for Women Farmers” in the year: 2012-13. Afterward in the year 2013-14, the government sanctioned this programme jointly.
Under this programme, selected women farmers, male farmers, and youth have been trained-n-guided in agricultural and allied aspects of the scientific method. Moreover, they have informed the developing scheme of the state and central levels. During the year 2018-19, this scheme has sanctioned on Date: 11-04-2018. The training activities of the same programme are as under:
Training Activities :
  • Pre-Seasonal Camp (Village Level)
  • Institutional Training Course (Four Days)
  • Training for Youth (Five Days)
  • Sharing Followup Camps (Village Level)
  • Krishimela (Krishi Stalls, Competition, Seminar)
  • In State Educational Inspiration Study Tour (For 7 Days)
  • Out of the Educational Inspiration Study Tour (For 10 Days)
  • International Educational Inspiration Study Tour (For 10 Days)
  • State-Level Sharing Workshop

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